The iPhone 7 – Should You Upgrade?

The newest iPhone is out, and everyone’s after it. Should you join the hunt? Let’s see!

Now we know there hasn’t been much hype about the iPhone 7 itself, but there have been plenty of memes about a few of its features (has anyone lost a wireless earbud yet?). With all of this buzz, it might be hard to see how radical the new iPhone is. That’s where we come in! Let’s discuss whether you should consider upgrading, or whether you can spend another sweet year with your headphone jack.

What’s New?

Here are a few of the most notable differences between the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 (most of the changes from 6S Plus to 7 Plus follow the same pattern as the regular model).

  • Storage: We’re all always out of storage space aren’t we? Well the new iPhone 7 range has enormously updated that feature. Now, the lowest storage space is 32 GB, and the high end of the range is a whopping 256 GB. Now we can hoard even more!
  • Processor speed:  The newer models jumped from 1.84 GHz to 2.4 GHz (iPhone 7) and 2.45 GHz (iPhone 7 Plus). But really, how slow can your iPhone 6 be? Unless you’ve got an O.G., you’re probably not waiting until sundown for your browser to load.
  • Front-facing Camera: ATTENTION: Better selfies incoming!! The iPhone 7 range has a 7 megapixel camera, so your snapchats can now beat out all the rest.
  • Dual-Camera: Okay, this one is only for the iPhone 7 Plus. Hold on to your seats – we’re entering the future here. Not only does the optical zoom go up to 2x without losing image quality, but it also uses both lenses to create depth in your images. Kinda cool hmm?
  • Color: I’m sure you’ve heard, but black isn’t black. With the iPhone 7, we can now explore the depths of darkness, so what are you feeling on the Monday morning commute? Black, or jet black…
  • Music Experience: We’ve hinted enough haven’t we? Gone are the magical self-tangling cords of music transmission! How do you feel about the new wireless earbuds? I don’t know about you, but we can hardly keep track of the earphones when they’re attached to the phone. Then again, exercising with music just became incredibly simple…Is this a trend for the future??
  • Waterproofing: *Drum roll please* The iPhone 7 is now…. waterproof! Actually, that’s what you’ve heard, but it’s not completely true. The new iPhone is water resistant. So take it easy when you’re glass spills, but don’t treat it like a Go-Pro please.

What does this mean for you?

All jesting aside, besides the storage space and waterproofing, the iPhone 6S and 7 aren’t significantly different. Sure, we can make a list of feature differences, but when it comes down to daily life, you probably won’t notice the change.
If you have an iPhone 6, you coulddd possibly upgrade, although most users will derive marginal benefit from the difference.
For those of you with an iPhone 5s or older, it might be a different story. You could consider switching to join us on the tablet-sized phone train – it’s a roomy ride. However, the bargain-smart approach would be to go for the iPhone 6 or 6S now that they’ve probably fallen to a more affordable price.
For all of you with an iPhone 6S/6S Plus, we’d recommend holding off for more radical changes in the future. Next year really isn’t that far away!

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