Best Tech Gifts 2015

While you’re probably still giddy from all that successful Cyber Monday shopping, (we know you scored yourself a sweet hover board) it’s time to think about the best tech gifts 2015. We suspect you’ll score big brownie points if you plop down those greens for some exceedingly cool and practical tech gifts this holiday season.  So, what’s most important to the tech literate people in your life? We guarantee your buds are keen on keeping their electronics juiced at all times, they probably want information fed to them at a moment’s notice, and they definitely wish to secure all those wonderful gadgets they prize.

holiday lights
The best tech gifts to light up your holidays.

Best Tech Gifts 2015 To Brighten the Holidays!

One of the worst scenarios for a tech savvy professional on the go is running out of battery life.  You need to read that last text your BFF just sent! How will you make it through the day without watching the latest Adele video? Drat, the red bar of doom! Lucky for you we have two charger suggestions that will keep that green battery status glowing. On the basic end of the portable charger spectrum, may we suggest the Anker PowerCore+ mini.

This compact aluminum powerhouse offers up a bevy of assets. Check out these specs:

  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Battery capacity of 3350 mAh
  • PowerIQ Technology
  • Max Charging Speed of 1 Amp
  • Sleek and compact lipstick case design
  • Intuitive LED indicator light
  • Only 2.7 ounces in weight

This baby is compatible with Apple and Android smartphones, tablets, and other USB-charged devices. The PowerIQ technology detects your device and delivers a charge at optimum speed. Made of industrial grade materials, this gadget will possess the longevity we all desire while being wallet friendly. Buy one for yourself while you think of others!

While on the search for the best tech gifts 2015 for that friend or relative that considers themself a true geek, Anker also offers the Astro E7.

With a capacity of 25,800 mAh, this 3-port external battery pack is drool-worthy.  Let’s take a look under the hood, shall we:

  • Available in black and white
  • Battery capacity of 26800 mAh
  • PowerIQ Technology
  • Max charging speed of 4 amps
  • Comparable in size to a Galaxy Note 4
  • 8 oz in weight

Sure this gadget isn’t for the average user, but what self-described techie wants to be ordinary? Heck, not only does this gadget keep the average smartphone running for a week or more, but it has an 18 month warranty, it offers output voltage surge protection, power overload recovery AND an auto shutoff sleep mode! Winning!

Once you’ve covered your bases in the charging department, it’s time to think about information. Sure a simple smartphone is enough for most these days, but Siri is so yesterday. May we introduce to you the Amazon Echo. It’s like living in the future, The Jetsons style. So what is it? The Echo is a cloud-based voice service that provides info, plays music, answers questions, reads the news, checks sports scores and weather forecasts, and so much more. All you do is summon this mini monolith with a wake word and the world is your oyster. The more you use this powerful piece of hardware with a digital brain, the smarter it gets. It adapts to your speech patterns, vocabulary, and personal preferences. Plus, you get updates delivered auto-magically! What’s even more exciting is the Echo can control an expanding range of smart home devices, like Phillips Hue light bulbs, Belkin WeMo Switches, and Wink-compatible lighting products. Of course, you can also buy anything your heart desire from Amazon with it, as well.

To add to the Echo’s capability might we suggest the Amazon Echo Voice Remote. This device connects to the Echo via Bluetooth allowing one to speak to the echo when you are either too far away or it’s a bit to noisy. So far the remote works with one Echo at a time. We love the future!

Finally, it’s time we talk Google and it’s snazzy security tech. Everyone wants to be able to keep an eye on their belongings, most especially their tech. Google’s Nest Cam Security Camera provides 24/7 live video streaming in 1080p HD. It has night vision capability, you and talk and listen with it, it will send alerts to your phone, and if you subscribe to Nest Aware you will get 24/7 continuous recording and personalized alerts.  Somebody’s gonna be getting a hug this holiday season!

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