New iPhone Release 2015: Should you upgrade?

Coffee and iphone

It’s that time of year again… Journalists are breathlessly churning out articles with rumors and speculation based on blurry screenshots, leaked photos, and stolen memos from Apple manufacturers and partners. The new iPhone season is upon us once more. At the risk that you might violently spray whatever liquid you are currently drinking, we really think you should skip this one.

And who doth dare posit this heresy? We doth. By all accounts we are Apple Fanboys, Apple Developers, and Apple Consultants. In fact, I am writing this on an iPhone 6 Plus running a Beta version of iOS9. We love Apple! But we love our clients more. There are several factors, old and new that are compelling us to advise the majority of our clients to take a pass on this model and check back next year.

“But my iPhone is…

  1. a) “slow”
  2. b) “out of space”
  3. c) “running old software”
  4. d) “just generally janky”
  5. e) “all of the above!”

We hear you loud and clear, but this doesn’t change our advice. Tune in closely and make sure you’re following us on Facebook. Over the next few weeks, we will explain the reasons why we think you should pass for now on the 6s, 7 (or whatever it will be called) and teach you how to breathe some new life into your relationship with your current Apple Boo.